Mindfulness Series: Tips on Creating a Mindful Home

Decluttering, candles, and adding greenery are easy ways to create a mindful home that will make you feel relaxed. Mindfulness is becoming quite the buzzword these days. It’s an incredible asset to living a healthy life both mentally and physically. Mindfulness is presence and momentary awareness. It is the conscious effort to tune into our bodies, […]

August 2020: Photoblog

Photos of people, places and moments from August 2020. A bit of Colorado, a whole lot of delicious food, and a lot of at home time as per usual these days. Enjoy! Cheers, see y’all in September!

Kelly’s Thought for Food- Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List: Week 3

So, what have we got on tap for this next week of meals?  Well I’ve put together a shopping list that includes all ingredients for dinners and lunch, and some optional items if you plan to add in breakfast items. I of course added in at least one baked good, because I love sweets and […]


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