Welcome to Kelly’s Thought for Food– aka @kellysthoughtforfood– my name is Kelly and I am a Denver – based healthy food and wellness blogger. My goal is to bring inspiration to my community through healthy food recipes and sharing my balanced lifestyle.  I love being creative every day, creating new recipes, and sharing content on my corner of the internet.

Before diving into the world of wellness and social media , I have worked full-time and for the last 8 years as an environmental consultant assisting communities and universities on their recycling and composting programs . I grew up mainly in Texas before heading off to Atlanta for college. In 2012, I graduated from Agnes Scott College with a degree in International Relations and Environmental Studies. So naturally, I started my career in sustainability. I moved up to Michigan and worked in our firm’s office for nearly 6 years before moving out west to Denver, Colorado with my boyfriend in 2018. Taking a brief stint out east again to attempt hiking the Appalachian Trail, I am now back in Colorado. I have the pleasure of working from home which has allowed me to not only find a passion for cooking and nutrition, but sharing my personal wellness journey with others. I hope to bring the knowledge I am gaining from my dietetics classes to you and continue to share my wellness journey . When I am not creating content for my community – you can find me hiking with our pup Arlo, taking pictures, working out, cooking, or traveling! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey!