How to Properly Hydrate!

If I had to give just one health tip, mine would be to drink more water!! It’s so beneficial but one of the most overlooked habits to have. It’s definitely made a difference in how I feel throughout the day especially during these heat waves that we all seem to be having!

Our bodies need water to properly function. Not sure about anyone else, but I tend to sweat a lot during workouts but even losing a few percents of our body weight through sweat is considered to be dehydrated which can lead to headaches, fatigue, muscles cramps, or cravings. Yikes!

The recommended amount is about 8 cups per day but since I live in a dry climate and like to stay active and SWEAT a lot, my goal is around 10-12 cups! Seems like a lot but once you get into a routine, it really comes easy.

But it’s not just about water, have you thought about your electrolytes lately? When you sweat and lose water, you’re also losing out on electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Your body need sodium to hold onto water and stay hydrated. So some people may need to add electrolytes to their water to help restore the minerals, personally, I only use those in specific circumstances like a long hike or when I’m traveling and not drinking as much water. If you’re someone that just hates drinking water, electrolyte packets can tend to add flavor and help you find more interest in drinking water. Or try out a sparkling water like Spindrift or LaCroix, all are hydrating options, just try to not have liquid options that are adding sugar or caffeine to your system.

For me, I typically like to drink water regularly through out the day rather than waiting until I feel thirsty and I listed some of my tips below!

Here’s how I properly hydrate throughout my day:

Wake up and hydrate: I drink at least 1-2 big glasses of water first thing when I wake up 

Begin workouts hydrated: About an hour before I know I am going to exercise, I try and drink about 2 cups of water

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Hydrate while you sweat: I don’t love to drink water while working out but I keep a glass of water with me, or a bottle of water with me at the gym, and try and take a sip or two at each break in the workout. On really hot days, I add ice, I love ice water during a workout and it makes it so much easier to stay hydrated.

Rehydrate after exercise: Full water bottle through the afternoon (2-3 cups)

Adding in at meals: water at meals count too! Typically will have 1 glass of water at lunch and dinner, and if I don’t consume it all while I eat, I just finish it off after the meal.

Quick sip before bed:  1 cup of water about an hour before bed, alongside my nighttime magnesium mix. Even though it’s inevitable for me to get up in the middle the night to pee, if you worry about that, try to finish off this glass of water 2ish hours before bed.

There you have it!  I hope this inspired you to drink more water today!

Cheers folks!

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