So, Why Am I Doing This?

It took me a very long time to get to this point. I will be honest, it was filled with a lot of self-doubt and fear. I am sure many of you can relate to that. It is crippling and unhealthy. But it was just the thing I needed to realize that I wanted to invest in my personal wellness and the wellness of others. So what exactly does that mean? Let me begin.

I moved to Colorado about 2.5 years ago, following Nick as he started a new job, knowing I could work from home and find what living in Colorado meant for me. This transition also overlapped with my plans to hike the Appalachian Trail. After only moving in January, I set off for the AT in March. Prior to moving and setting out for the AT, I spent most of my time focusing on transitioning out of my office job and thinking pack weight and trail food, that I truly didn’t stop to think- what will my life be across the country? How will I change as a person? I just felt like I floated into this new magical place of Colorado and then set off on a dream to hike the AT, and loved it all! Most importantly, I knew when I returned I could start living this new life with the man I loved. And while that is all well and good, I felt like I was still just floating.

It wasn’t until I returned from the AT (injured and a little sad) that this new shiny place faded and I realized- who am I here and what do I want to do with my life? Some people find clarity while on the AT, but I got real with myself once I returned home. I think previously all I had done was plan, plan for what my job had for me in the future, what our life would look like in Colorado, what the AT would hold for me… I had been very focused on what was next and it was so easy to just have that dominate my mindset for a long time. So, when all of a sudden things became a reality once I returned home, I really had to face myself. It was very hard. I felt a lot of personal uncertainty and it took a long time for me to look inward and really learn who I was at the oh so young age of 29. After a short time at home and doing lots of thinking and talking about it, I decided I wanted to make a change. Better yet, take a step in my growth as a person.

I’m currently still working as an environmental consultant full-time but have decided to set on a path to explore nutrition and wellness on the side.  I thought – what is the one thing that I am super passionate about and makes my eyes light up? The answer was wellness. Movement. Food. Cooking food. Healthy food. Nourishing food. Food that loves you back. Food that makes your body feel energized and vibrant. It’s true –  nothing brings me more joy. It seems obvious to think I would have know this already but thinking back, it wouldn’t have been for specific stages of my life that all of a sudden came together and kind of hit my in the face! The body shaming, disordered eating, world of sustainability, love of hiking, and a few others that almost feel like a puzzle of pieces that opened up my eyes to where I am now, and the person I have become.

Since coming to peace with my body and really become a nerd about what I nourish my body with, I now know, I just want to study it! I am constantly reading other blogs and books. Talking science with my boyfriend (who does his own bulk of research for fun) about metabolism, hormones and blood sugar balance. It’s fascinating to me. It’s like figuring out how to allow your body to function in the best possible way possible which allows you to do so many things. I believe fueling your body, knowing your body and loving your body brings mental clarity and emotional positivity. It is a challenge and a blessing. It is something I want to share with my community.

So just a few thoughts. I believe:

  • Good, nourishing food comes from the earth, not a box (at least most of the time)
  • Our body knows best, we just have to tune in and listen
  • The health of our bodies is dependent on the health of the planet 
  • There’s a place for both science and feelings at the table 
  • Nothing compares to the health benefits of time spent in nature  

That brings me back to the question. Why am I doing this? Because I love it. I want to inspire. Share. Empower. Learn. And most importantly – grow. As a person and hopefully soon health professional. So, thank you for joining me. I will be sharing my musings on nutrition, wellness, fitness, travel and throw in some recipes here and there and of course, a few (a lot) of adventures with Nick and Arlo. I hope to bring some light into your day.

I’ll leave you with this: By learning how to listen to your body and integrating a bit of nature into your busy, modern life, I believe you can live your BEST life!



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