Daily Wellness Tips

So – you want to start incorporating some small yet simple things to your wellness routine? Start with these super easy tips. These little habits help me tremendously. They may be obvious to some, but perhaps this can be a little reminder for you all! I will definitely go into these concepts and ideas in way more detail in my future posts – but here is a taste!

WATER BOTTLE SHADOW: This is something that I noticed a big difference in how I felt. It seems so obvious, but so many people forget to drink water. Some do not get thirsty (including me) and have to be super conscious about their water intake. It is truly the most important thing you can do! I carry around a water bottle with me throughout the day, even in the house. I find that if I have it sitting next to me, I can reach for it at any time and find I drink more water that way. I also put a full glass of water either on my nightstand or on our kitchen table at night so the first thing I do in the morning is drink the entire glass before I do ANYTHING else. It helps me to wake up and digest. It is important to hydrate your body after a night’s rest and before coffee in the morning. For some, if you need the extra reminder, set reminders in your phone for every hour during the day. Trust me – it may feel irritating at first, but the habit forms. I promise!

PREP + THINK AHEAD: Time – one of the biggest excuses that people give as to why they are not eating and living healthy. It is true. We put everything else ahead of our own self-care – our job, our errands, our commitments. There are so many ways to prepare ahead of time to allow yourself to start making healthy choices even if you are super busy. If we feel there isn’t enough time in each day, set aside a few hours on a Sunday or free weekday night to prepare for the upcoming days. You will find it will save you stress and time in the long run and give you the tools to make eating healthily accessible. This can be as little as pre-packing a container of quick morning smoothies or preparing ingredients to last you a few days of lunches. If you don’t like cooking, that’s fine – why not try a meal prep service. They are super easy to follow and provide amazing meals with tons of variety.

FIND YOUR SQUAD: Exercise can be daunting, scary and intimidating. I get it. I’ve found if I find a fitness community, it’s gold! Find a friend, accountability partner, whoever, and try out different types of movement. For me, it took a great friend sharing her experience at a local CrossFit community that got me to join. And yes, it was super intimidating for a person who had barely any upper body strength but as soon as I got to know the community, I couldn’t help but go back. It honestly became more about the community than the fitness (although those classes kick my butt too). So find a fitness class, running club or yoga studio and book the class ahead of time and show up. Just go. No matter how many excuses you have in your head – unless you are feeling physically ill – there is no way you will regret it. In fact, with that release of endorphins, you will want to go back again and again. It is all about starting habits – and there is no time like the present! *** In current Covid times, fitness classes may be on hold but I’ve been thriving on instagram fitness videos from women like Rachaels Good Eats’ fitness videos. Just find something, anything, that you get enjoyment out of and I promise, you will keep going back!

Parkhill Fitness gang hiking the Manitou Incline

EATING WELL IS A PROCESS: It’s easiest to educate yourself and start slow. My number one food related tip that worked for me is STOP DIETING. Seriously, stop using the word in general. Wellness and healthy habits don’t start when the word “restriction” enters your world. When you start adding in good nutritious and DELICIOUS foods – there is less room for the bad. Naturally. The more you add good to your diet, the better you will feel physically and emotionally and the more you will want to keep eating those things. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE! I call that self-education. Notice your body. Notice your energy levels when you add greens and healthy fats to your lunch versus when grabbing a grilled cheese from the closest fast food place. Listen and react! This will help crowd out the bad. These days, when I do indulge (which I ABSOLUTELY do – more on that later) – I really notice how my body is reacting. Ice cream is amazing and so tasty on impact – but too much of it at one time and I feel sick hours later. Everytime. That is because I have learned to moderate the bad and make room for the better. Over time, it leads to self-induced healthy eating. Internal motivation and not external motivation.

Honey Sesame Chickpea Bowl

FIND YOUR TIME: Self-care. A major buzz word these days – but something I truly believe in. Even if it is just 20 minutes a day – find something that you deem to be just your time. An activity, a tv show, reading a book. Know that you have that time to find calmness. Find what makes you feel relaxed and make time for it. It is so easy to do an extra set of work emails for an hour each night once you’re done for the day to prep for the next day. And yes, sometimes we are swamped and need to do this. But others – it can wait until tomorrow. Just ask yourself – can this wait until tomorrow? Can I allocate some “me time” with a relaxing activity that will make me feel reset and ready to be even more productive the next day? I think so. It is so crucial for not feeling burnt out in the middle of the week! For example, my time is the morning. I wake up, some mornings it’s my morning’s to walk Arlo and I use that as my time to think. If Nick get’s Arlo, sometimes I’ll go for a run. But when I get home, I make some coffee or tea and use the rest of my warm beverage to finish my “me time.” I need the slow moving and calm morning time to set my day. It is a habit that I have become completely accustomed to. This is my main form of self-care. It took time for me to realize my love for and honor that space in the morning and now I cannot go a day without it. Find what makes you feel calm and content. Insert that into your life – even for 15 minutes. 

KEEP TO STEPPIN’: Workout or no workout, try to work in at least 10,000 steps each day. That’s the standard sure, but typically that is at least 30-45 minutes of easy to moderate activity each day. I’ve found if I can work in my steps either instead of a workout or in addition to a workout, it helps me stay motivated. Plus, look at the walk as part of your meditation or “self care.” It’s a time for you to get outside, listen to a podcast, listen to a playlist or just be with your own thoughts. It’s a win-win-win in my book for mental and physical health and wellness!

Morning matcha latte

Hope these help, take care.



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